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Penny Lane

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CHAAAAANDLER [11 Apr 2005|11:40pm]
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man oh man [25 Mar 2005|11:20pm]
i am so bored and im at my daddys and i REALLY need a dress to go to this wedding. uggggggh leave me love
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HEEEEY [22 Mar 2005|04:00pm]
[ mood | blank ]


dude i really want my hair back to light brown. like right now. I mean i LOVE it black but i saw a picture of it light brown and it made me miss it a lot. I've been having really traumatic dreams and really bad headaches lately. I'm kinda scared. I dont know whats going on but oh well. I need to go shopping super bad.

peace love and titties.

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havent updated in SUCH a long time [17 Mar 2005|02:20pm]
[ mood | bored ]

yeah so im babysitting right now and eating these milano cookies which are REALLY REALLY good.

omigod so last night at the tcu i wanted to shoot myself i felt so ugly. And then i realized that im gonna feel that ugly EVERY SINGLE DAY next year...oh well. she's not THAT perfect...is she? yeah, she is.

Dude, sadie is the nicest person in the whole world, seriously.

So britty and i walked all the way to McDonalds and THAT sure was fun. and we got some MCFlurries!!!!! yay.
And my neck hurts sooooo bad today from all the "skankin" last night. But yeah and then i think sammie and i are going to MOA today to look for tutus cause we're really weird. I also need some new underwear and i really wanna go to abercrombie outlet. mhm, yeah.I think im gonna make a deal with my mom. That if she buys me stuff today i wont ask for any money outside of allowance for the rest of the school year. eh? eh? i think it just might work. yeeeeaaaaahhhhh..........OMIGOD YOU GUYS I LOVE CHANDLER. did you know that? CAUSE I LOVE CHANDLER ALEXA LIPE SO FUCKING MUCH I THINK I JUST MIGHT GET REALLY REALLY REALLY FAT. yes, yes indeedy.
arighty well i think thats about it for now. It's been a fun weekend. Guys are hot.

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grrrr [17 Feb 2005|05:37pm]
[ mood | amused ]





and the fuckin power button on my fuckin phone doesnt work. how about that.
i miss jenny :(

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i think all that had come and gone. for the better. [08 Feb 2005|10:22pm]
[ mood | insanely happy ]

yeah, i kinda wanna end it all. like right now. I dont mean like END it for good but just stop taking it so seriously and just have fun cause i let it all bring me down yesterday and i dont need to do that. I have chandler and seriously right now that's all that matters to me. I love her so much i cant even explain. we're seriously the same person with just different opinions. We have like the EXACT same personality. like seriously nobody knows me as well as her and i dont think anybody knows her as well as i do. hahahahaha i was holding up shirts tonight and asking her why it had sentimental value to me and she knew like all the reasons and NOBODY else would know shit like that besides her. And we like can just relate on everything and even tho we have different oppinions on different things and like dont do a lot of the same stuff if you catch my drift, we accept eachother on every level and its just so cool. I am the luckiest person to have a best friend like her and i dont even have to worry about boys or dumb shit like that when we're together. We seriously laugh about everything. Its so cool.

arighty well i think thats about it for now.

Tomorrow i'm off to a fresh start. I feel like a different person :)

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love love love love love [03 Feb 2005|06:33pm]
[ mood | mmmmmm ]


oh man i love life so much i can't even explain it. Today rocked so hard and i'm so happy but its like every time this happens, most people know what im talking about, whenever i have this good of a day because you know why, i regret it all. Everything i shouldnt have done. Everyone knows now. And its not just effecting me anymore. I was so selfish while it was going on like i didn't even realize that maybe i did have something better already. Maybe i didnt need to go to drastic measures to get attention. Ugh and now i went and fucked everything up. Well, not permenantly. But until "my hair grows out" i guess...whatever the fuck that means.

I still can't believe myself. I'm retarded. Penis kills. multiple penises kill.

oh whatever i shouldnt even care. I had some good laughs today and after school was really good. *sigh* man that smile just makes me want to smile every time i see it. :) i cant even describe it.

peace homies.

~Mrs. Rachel Morrison

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HALIGH HALIGH AN AWFUL LIE [02 Feb 2005|10:08pm]
[ mood | embarrassed ]

Go into your LJ's archives.
Find your 25th post (or closest to).
Find the fifth sentence (or closest to).
Post the text of the sentence in your lj along with these instructions.

If not, What kind of husband: a deep thinker. maybe some kind of artist or poet who wants to share the same experiences as me.

hahahahahahahaahahaha oh man i love lookin back.

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whoops! [26 Jan 2005|12:13am]

sorry i accidentally posted the same one TWICE!
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hair dye!!!!! [25 Jan 2005|12:11am]
[ mood | good for me ]

i dyed my hair guys!!!!!! heres some pics!

went from this....

TO THIS!....

you likey?

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worrrd [22 Jan 2005|09:26pm]
[ mood | homesick ]

so im at mi padres right now and im really really really bored and its dark in my room and i miss chandler and i was just taking obsessive pictures of myself and i really really really wanna dye my hair blonde tomorrow i think or next weekend, THREE DAY WEEKEND! mhm so im already preparin if yuh know what i mean :) teehee.

sooo yeeeeah i babysat my sister for like three hours today and that was fun. She cried a lot i guess but i put on some doors for her and whispered all the lyrics in her ear and told her she was the lizard queen. AND IT CALMED HER DOWN!

i was like damn she really is the reincarnation of morrison...weeeeird....

dude i really think she is. I'm gonna raise the child. And she's gonna do great things, i guarantee..you just watch!
yeah im really really really bored and i wish i had some mhm right now but noooo i have to be in some little rich part of duluth. Meh, oh well. Atleast im gonna be home in like 15 hours :)
mmk well thats all for now


~Mrs. Rachel Morrison

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aaawww [16 Jan 2005|12:56pm]
[ mood | teehee ]

aaaaw i love my sister so much.
hahahah check out her shirt. already bustin out the mushrooms :) thats my sister for ya. teehee

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LOOKIT! [12 Jan 2005|07:34pm]
[ mood | pleased ]

HAPPY BDAY JENNY!!!! I LOVE YOU SOOOOOO MUCCCHHUH!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahaha sorry about takin a sip of your malt today hehehehe i kinda forgot what had just happened and yeah.

GUYS i got the coolest phone EVER! its a camera phone and it has like a fold out keyboard so i can text people so easily and take creepy stalker pictures cause thats what im good at, eh? eh?

yeah so im babysittin right now and let me tell you it is just DANDY and yeah sooooo im really really bored and i dont really like babysitting and i have homework that i think i should go do but i dont wanna do it and my camera went dead today and i dont like when that happens and mhm. I hate my school so much and it makes me cry and die. But yeah. Taylor needs to get his butt back in school cause i'm so bored in spanish it makes me sick. GET BACK YOU INGROWN TOE NAIL BEFORE I COME OVER AND BITE YOU! yeah thats right i fuckin went there bitches. mmmhmmmm damn rachel, you're so fine
yeah i know i wanna tap myself.
yeah i wanna tap you too
yeah i know
i make myself giggle.

mmk well i think thats about it for now, i'm gonna go update my xanga cause *gasp* its been a whole day since i wrote in it! ;airsghiadfhj;isa!!!!!


~Mrs. Rachel Morrison

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back in the ussr [08 Jan 2005|10:33am]
[ mood | meh ]

rachels so cool man i just want to hug her and sutff
yeah me too
yeah so this one time she was sleeping and her mom came in the room
and was like
hey rachel
do you have a blanket i can borrow?
but rachel was in her favorite jizz blankey
so she gave her mom her harry potter one
and then she asked why
and her mom was like
because i'm gonna go pick up your brother and while im waiting im gonna sleep in the car
and she was like
oh word
and fell back asleep
and when she woke up it was 9:24
and she just had a dream about a really hot irish guy
who wanted her to go find his pants
and something else really scary.
but she doesnt remember
rachel thinks she needs a bigger room
she thinks that about enough for now


~Mrs. Rachel Morrison

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you know... [02 Jan 2005|12:34pm]
[ mood | meh ]

so someone hasnt updated in a very very long time

sorry homies, i'm so addicted to my xanga cause IT'S SOOO MUCH EASIER AND BETTER THAN LJ!!!! i know, that cuts you all so deep, doesnt it?

well you know what? I went to colorado and it was slightly lame. Then friday night i got home and chandler and i went to simons party er whatev but i think we all know how that one turned out...NOT good....yeah i'm thinkin i hate that kid now....mmmhmmmmm....

and then yesterday chammer n me just like sat around all day and it was really really fun. We jammed to some destinys child. Cause we tyte like that.

Can i tell you who the coolest chick EVER is?!?!?! ELK!!!!!! omigod you guys her and me are like twins, seriously its SCURRY hahahahahahahahahah i make myself laugh. But like...we had a convo....and we were like OMIGOD YOU DID/?!?!?! OMIGOD ME TOO!!!!!! and yeah it was just like so weird and i was like GASP! mhm....so yeah.

wanna see what sme chick wrote about me that doesnt have the guts to reveal herself?

Rachel Skytta-sry but u kno wat,? to do stuff with the ppl your friends REALLY like is a straight up bitch move!!!and u need to kno guys only like u cuz u r a dirty frickin SKANK!!and thats a good use of word cuz its ACTUALLY true!!!and your only in 8th grade and you've been doin it since 4th kinda gross!!and dont get mad cuz ppl like the same bands as u!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH doesnt it just make you wanna die its to fuckin hilarious?!?!?!??!?!?! OOOOOH MAAAAANNNNN i was like on the floor forEVER i was laughing so hard. And i was all by myself so i looked kinda dumb i bet. But oooh well. Fuckin A man that makes me giggle. Arighty well im out for now.


i love my morrison so much.


~Mrs. Rachel Morrison

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tell em a hookah smokin caterpillar has given you the call... [25 Dec 2004|04:00am]
[ mood | awake ]

I GOT A GUITAR FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!! omigod its so purdy! i had absolutely NO idea at all. It's a Squier Strat Fender and it's black and white and its really really really REALLY pretty and i am just like in LOVE with it. can i tell you that? it's gorgeous.
a also got these really cool peace flags that say the word "peace' in like 50 different languages AND I got a HUGE flag that just has a big green peace sign on it. :-)!!!!! OMIGOD AND I GOT YELLOW SUBMARINE ON DVD!!!!!!! i got a million other things too, but those are my favorites i think...and my seatbelt bag. GOD i love this guitar with a passion. I've been playing it since like midnight. i finally have my OWN instead of just using the ones around the house. i got the sexiest doors calendar. mm mm hot. i LOVE morrison so much. loooooooooooooove him.

arighty well i really dont have that much to say at the moment.

i can get away with anything...seriously. I'm such a lucky person.


~Mrs. Penny Lane Morrison

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seems like the wrath of the gods got a punch on the nose [21 Dec 2004|10:04pm]
i like.....christmas? why yes i do. I also like the doors. and the beatles, at that.

Ook so today was cool. Sammie and Chandler slept over last night n that was pretty dern fun. THEN today sammie and i went to southdale aaaaaaaaand we were gonna go christmas shopping but i just ended up buying myself some jeans n jess some socks. It was coo tho. and then my mom picked us up n i had to go babysit. hahahahaha i'm the worst babysitter ever. I made the kids watch alice in wonderland and yellow submarine. They were all like "can we play on the computer?" NO! YOU'RE WATCHING THIS WITH ME! gahahahahahaha....man...but then i let them after alice was over. I just watched yellow submarine by myself.
GOD I FUCKING LOVE THE BEATLES. geniuses...pure geniuses.
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bizzored [18 Dec 2004|12:54pm]
[ mood | bored ]


i love the beatles with a strong strong passion. can i just tell you that?

i also love subway, ramen, chandler, my cell phone, clothes, my computer, the doors, jim morrison, movies, music, aim, sex, drugs, aviators, anything green, guys, and hot guys. oh, and sammie and jenny. And many other people.

yeah so i'm really really bored. Cause i'm at my dad's and we're about to go to spirit mountain which should be cool i guess. But whatev. I'm goin snowboardin with sammie on tuesday so that'll be cool too. I'm so excited man i can't believe it's break already. It's like heaven now. No worries. Cept the fact that i'm at my dad's. Wow, what a nice way to start off the break. At...my...dad's......niiiiiiiiiice...
hold up i wanna change the music

round up
round up for the mystery tour

this is some good shit...



guys i'm bored and i love my xanga and my lj and i wanna come home! RIGHT NOW! i'm so bored. All i got was money but that's cool i guess and i just wanted to go christmas shopping today for everyone but noooooooo we have to go to spirit moutain i guess. PEH! mmk well i think that's all for now.


~Mrs. Penny Lane Morrison

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it's a love that last forever [15 Dec 2004|10:43pm]
[ mood | i love everything ]


best band of all time

but the doors are my favorite, of course...god, morrison i LOVE you


i'm so full of love again today! omigod i fucking LOVE wednesdays. i think its my favorite day of the week. TWO DAYS TIL BREAK MOTHA FUCKAS! damn straight i'm gonna party hardy this break.
Man, last night was SO much fun. Seriously it was the best. I slept over at sammie's and like i uh....did her the biggest favor. hahahahehehehe. man it was awesome. Sammie you're the best. hahahahah she totally thought there was like something under her bed and we ate so fuckin much and i really thought i was gonna barf and like everything started tasting like barf then. And my throat felt like it was swelling up. It was intense. And then i was like chewing really slowly cause i thought i was watching myself in slow motion from across the room....hahahaha. dude. how do the black guys on cops run when they're chopped?! white people just can't do that.

so yeah and then this morning like sammie didnt wake me up so i got up at 8:50 and had to take a really quick shower and then sammie is a lazy ass and decided we needed a ride even tho she lives less than like 2 blocks from the school. the LITTLE kinda blocks too! Ugh sammie you're so fat...hahahahaha jk i love you to death. But yeah, so it was really eventful. And like i went to school in rags and like i didnt have socks on and i felt so icky and i didnt have my make up but it was totally worth it just cause last night was so much fun. Damn sammie, we gotta do that some other time. If you wanna, of course. hahahahah man i'm crafty with my apple sauce container. damn rachel...you got skills...mmk well i'm gonna go write my personal statement and then hit the hay. Dude, i got a xanga and i feel like its taking over my online journal life. I'm so sorry my lovely LJ, i still love you every so much!


~Mrs. Rachel Morrison

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yo slice [14 Dec 2004|10:42pm]
[ mood | blah ]

whaddup kids, i'm at sammie jaynes n we're kickin it

yeah so today was boring as fuck cause i hate anthony, if you don't already know that. But yeah, after school i walked home with sammie and we chilled here for a while and then i had to bike in the freezing cold and almost died cause it was so fucking cold. my god. And sammie's ghetto ass bike doesnt have any brakes so i was all like going down the Irving hill and just feelin cool til i couldn't FUCKING STOP! so i all put my feet down and now the bottom of my chucks are worn. Which is good i guess. But yeah. sammie's lame. jk, i love her. I could live here.


so yeah i'm spending the night here tonight. We took her dog for a walk and got subway too. it was intense. hahaha then we listened to Britney Spears and Nsync while writing our personal statements and filling out our applications. Oh, what a joy it was. hahahahaha...man, britney does NOT get enough credit. she's the mother fuckin shit.


arighty, well i think that's about it for now.


~Mrs. Rachel Morrison<3

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